Miss Teri Tale: Vote 4 Me  v.32.0

Miss Teri Tale: Vote 4 Me is a hidden objects game. As in every Big Fish game, the provided link will only download Big Fish client. This program, once installed, will download the rest of the game from the Big Fish servers.

PHP Vote Caster & Poll Script  v.1.1

Are you still using the traditional method of paper and pen to conduct customer surveys and questionnaires?


Shoemaker Village Vote Bot  v.1 1

The Shoemaker Village Vote Bot is a simple solution for holding polls in public places throughout the Activeworlds Universe.

Email Vote  v.

“Email Vote” helps you to manage email responses from multiple recipients. For example, after sending an email invitation for a party, you will receive many responses from different recipients of the email.

Vote 2012 Election!  v.

Click to vote for Barack Obama or Mitt Romney and see how many total votes were given by others. The collaborative results presented in real-time, can serve as a predictor for the winner at the United States presidential election,

Vote Map Cycle  v.alpha.01

With this php script,our visitor can vote for the list of the map on a game server (for the moment work with Half-life, Battlefield, Quake3).

Syndikut - 5 Five Star Rating

PHP Scripts - Syndikut 5 Five Star Rating v3 - Syndikut 5 Five Star Rating php script is a unique multiple rating system using a flat file database so NO SQL required! FSR is very simple to use and, unlike most rating systems, extremely versatile. You can

ASPSurfVote  v.1.0.1

Get involved on the ASP World Tour this year with the ASP Surf Vote iPhone app. Log in during a live heat and select a surfer & wave to score. View the judges score for that wave. Then, act as a judge and submit your own score to the commentators.

Repeat Dialer  v.3.52.2

If an important number happens to be busy, this application will recheck that number repeatedly for availability, for up to a user-set number of minutes. You simply press the dial button and provide the telephone number you want to call.

PHP Ajax Voting system  v.1.0

PHP Ajax Voting system is build as PHP OOP (object oriented style) with relational transactional MySQL database back-end and jQuery scripting, handles one or multiple products voting-one vote per 24 hours per product.

Famous Quote Search for FireFox/Chrome/IE  v.1.0

These plugins will allow you to search for famous quotes and authors from directly from your web browser. From this system you can vote on and share your favorite quotations that you find. Quotations exist on a variety of topics ranging from life,

E-Mail Election  v.1.0

Setup your own election for Town Mayor, Class President, Cheerleader, PTA Chairperson, Tribal Council, Church Council Candidates, Astronomy Club Leader, or any kind of election you like. Begin by signing up for your free e-mail election account and

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